Who Am I?

Who am I to think?
That what He is in splendor,
Has aught to do with who I am.
Must I betray my heart’s every wish,
By trying to move it with my own hand?
My lacking of trust and hope confounds me
And enters me into the raging battle between mammon, man, and God,
What only I could be, made so at His Hand, will go unentertwined, if I so command.
And yet I command so, I will my life’s fruition into emptiness
While I convince myself that I do right
I convince my life to be a blight upon mankind.
And I justify everymove, no he does it, he says it is His Will, but is it?
If I forsook every grace given, would that be the life I was meant to live?
No-for in grace given grace is taken
Spirits holy act takes root in what is risen
And holy souls prayer soars only through the heavens.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

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  1. I pray your soul soars all throughout Heaven –
    in the year of our Lord, 2012!

    We know who we think we are – does matter. (?)
    May the Spirit dwell within you, so much so
    that you can’t help but to write as you feel.

    You ARE very good at this, Susan! 🙂
    Peace to you today, UT

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and wise comment! And especially for the well wishes! It is the curse of being on earth I suppose, to not be able to know what God wants FOR SURE, thats what faith and hope are for.

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