Fasting, The Friday before Christmas

Happy Fasting Friday everyone!

(For those who are not Catholics, on Friday, Catholics give up eating meat or make some other offering to God, in order to practice self-control and unite ourselves in love to Jesus who died on a Friday-much more to say on this, but that’s a quick summary.)

Today, I am thinking of those who are suffering this year, especially those who will be losing their homes in January. There has been a moratorium on evictions all year, but now, right at Christmastime that eviction is about to end. As of December 31st landlords are allowed to kick people out again.

The moratorium was meant to protect those who faced sudden and unexpected financial hardship because of COVID, and it was a miracle for so many, but the problem now is that many of the financial struggles caused by COVID are not solved yet, in fact many are worse. Now, not only are they losing their homes, but everyone from the entire year will be losing them at the same time. Shelters are already full, many Churches that had funds to help are out of money, and winter is getting colder.

2020 years ago, Mary and Joseph were looking for somewhere to stay but there was no room for them at the Inn. This year, there could be hundreds of people that can relate too intensely to that horrible feeling. This Friday, the last fasting Friday before Christmas, can you find something to do to help those who are struggling in your area? Here are some ideas, if you think of anything else please share those too. ♥️

🎄Get in touch with organizations in your area-see what they are doing and how you can help.

🎄Donate to organizations in your area, or to those you see on social media who need help.

🎄Some areas have a specific Facebook page for those looking for help, join it and help as many as you can. Also, read those posts to see what the needs are in your area and how you can help.

🎄Spread awareness of what is happening to those you know. The more people who know the more ideas and resources we will have.

🎄Pray for those who are struggling in any way this Christmas. Ask God to take over what we can’t control, but don’t let it stop you from doing what you can. ♥️

Thank you for taking a minute to think of those struggling this Christmas, please let me know if someone you know is doing something amazing.

If you are in KC and looking to help, keep an eye on my page, I am learning about the organizations here, what they are doing and how we can help, and I am still working on the program I wrote about earlier this week.

You can also message or donate to KC Tenants, they are helping on a person by person basis, especially with landlords who are starting their evictions early. More details about their work to come.

For inspiration, check out this commentary I wrote on Isaiah 58

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