Suddenly So Alive

Art, and the beauty inside it, is meant to shock us,
Wrench us forward into being alive.
Suddenly a light is incandescent in our field of life,
Not line of sight, like some would say-that’s not enough

No, it comes across our field of is, was, will be,
And shines for just a moment, like a glimpse
Of peripheral vision. Pain that lights up the skies.
Tears that won’t quite come to touch wounds that won’t quite heal.

In that one shining moment we are alive,
We are touched by what is, saved by grace,
The stars are the brightest in the dark  night skies,
And loves shine brighter than the brightest green eyes.

So what do we do in this moment when everything is right?
What do we say when grieving gives way to dancing,
And for just one moment our hearts can breathe?
Well, I pray that we accept the high that oxygen brings,

I pray that we finally breathe the clear blood of peace,
Soaring high above our own hearts in invincible faith,
Overtaken by courage from another world,
And commit ourselves to another day to just be.

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