Dear John,

Dear John

Really? You still haven’t called? It’s been a week and a half now, and all you have done is one Facebook IM to me, and a couple responses when I talked to you last night.

This wouldnt seem so weird if I didn’t know your roommates. I know you’ve been asking about me. That in addition to your response text last week that you had an amazing times and your desire for me to move to live near you makes this complete silence on your end so strange. Clearly you liked me…maybe even like me…so why the dead signal from your side of the state line?

Someone you know said you are waiting for me to initiate. That makes me doubt my own lack of contact with you, but just the same, you were raised in a traditional family, don’t you know you are supposed to lead this? I assume you know that but maybe its not a good idea. I argue with myself about whether I should stop being stubborn and just talk to you. Maybe even just say “soooo you ever going to call me?” What would you say to THAT? That would be a boldness I am not yet used to in myself but I’m beginning to believe in that side of myself. I’m not thinking about asking you out, just telling you you are being a dolt if you don’t make some sort of contact, especially if you want to.

The only problem with this is if I am wrong and you aren’t just being a wuss and not contacting me I run the risk of appearing to be super clingy and needy, and I am neither of those things. I just think you are being dumb if you really like me and yet refuse to act on that.

Anyway, call me, would you? I actually don’t like talking on the phone so you are lucky I want to hear your voice on the other line. I’m here though if you want to talk, so man up. You’ll have to if 22 year old you wants to be with 24 young me!

Live. Love. Laugh.



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  1. Ohhhh snap! I have this is what’s going on with me except the ages are reversed. Oh, and I just turned 23! Lol, I have to write about it for memory sake…maybe. ๐Ÿ™‚

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