Good Morning Chicago

It’s the morning of the last day of my weekend travels and I am on SUCH a high from Chicago. So much energy and life! I took a couple of my friends down with me and we saw the beach, the pizza, the theaters, the stores, and even got forced to buy $10 of Victoria’s Secret, just to get out of the parking garage! Yes, there is a rule in the parking garage that you have to purchase something inside the shopping center in order to have your parking validated. There is something seriously wrong with this world.

But we passed so many cool stores and restauraunts. Indie burger was there and I experienced so many great, revealing moments of wonder at things that I had never before seen. I have an irresistible urge to see Chicago again and am reunited with the love for bigger cities that has grown so mch since I have been away from them. (Absence from civilization for so long can be awful!)

It was reassuring for my trip to LA, because if I like Chicago so much there is a possibility that I could like LA. That it would give me that soaring feeling that you only get from a city buzzing with life, and that somehow I could still be near somewhere with calm and peace.

Anyway, this buzz that lingers in my chest is crying out to go back, and I can only ask God to  tend to whatever it is that I am meant to do, so that He fulfills the pangs of melancholy desire that push me to be crazy this morning!

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