The Nights Onset

The sea raged, and folded in at my door,
Pounding until I couldn’t hear a thing,
I asked for you to give just one breath more,
And you surged inside with my own blessing.

I dodged as you engulfed the sight you found-
The withered one bracing self like a tree
And wavering in the wild haunts rebound.
And afterstorm I churned at what I see.

The lining inside the tree threatens to
Burn itself out, To emerge sap acid
From the clenching bark that welcomed you.
And punish it for leaving gates widened.

But none shall say that pride denies not guilt
Even as the self rebels against self,
The heart cries not guilty in destroyed silt,
Laying crushed before the trees where sea delved.

It’s not a war this tree can fight alone,
For seas move in wonder full of my peace,
Just on this shore the storm burns whats its own,
And leaves each one that’s left crushed peace by piece.

One thought on “The Nights Onset

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  1. Hello, Susanna! đŸ™‚

    Gotta love tree themes. This one is dreamy, and symbolic,
    so much so that I don’t know what it means for sure. My guess:

    Nature nurtures its creation;
    Mother moves t’ward transformation;
    Father ensures self-destruction.

    “Brief candle” or 10,000 years – a moment away.
    Peace to you today, UT

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